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The New Low

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4/21/05 12:15 pm

I may not know much, but I do know that these are the coolest pizza cutters I've ever seen.

4/13/05 11:11 am

Connor had a school play this morning and I sat in a tiny kid's chair with Murphy on my lap, surrounded by students and other parents. I had thought that Murphy would take a few minutes to see what was going on and would suddenly decide he'd had enough and would start creating havoc, but he surprised me by being so engrossed in it that he didn't move or speak for the entire half hour the play lasted.

He kept turning to everyone around him, saying, "That's my brother. Do you see him? That's Connor." He was so proud of his older brother. Connor was really good. He played a preacher whose sermon was cut short by a barking dog and did the voice of an annoying parrot that kept interupting everyone. One of the girls in play had the part of an elderly southern belle and she spoke in near-hysterical, raspy voice and had the southern accent down to near perfection. I predict that she'll be an actor.


Other than that, it's more work on my website revamping project, which I am incredibly bored and tired of, but must slog through.


I found this gruesome little article slightly amusing, An ethics commission in Austria yesterday defended the use of human corpses as crash-test dummies.


Right. Back to work...

4/12/05 08:46 am

I'm reading a collection of short stories by Nate Liederbach called Doing a Bit of Bleeding. The author lives in Gunnison, Colo. and writes about many places that I can recognize, being a native Colorado dweller myself. It's cool to read about something strange and surreal happening on the streets of Denver, or Colorado Springs. Leiderbach writes like a whirlwind. His characters lives and emotions just seem to spring out from the pages at you, and he's able to tell their stories in a simple few pages. I'm enjoying his style greatly.

I found it interesting that in one of his short tales he makes reference to a scene from another short story by Gene Wolfe, which I just read last month. It always perplexes me when random things happen.

I didn't have to read that story by Gene Wolfe, and I didn't have to pick up the Nate Liederback book on impulse, having never heard of him. It was a very strange coincidence.


I'm going to do a series of prints of my illustrations with Eric Hamel of Post Mortem Magazine. We're going to do a series in which 6 of my pieces will be in a signed and numbered collection. I don't imagine it will sell incredibly well, but who knows. He's going to cover the cost of printing and we'll split the profits. It sounds like an worthwhile project and I really don't have anything to lose, having wanted to do some prints for some time anyway.


I'm still working on revamping my website. But hope to finish up soon. When it's done I'm going to do another round of self promotion and try to target some bigger publishers. Sometimes I worry that my style is just too much, visually and if I were to 'tone down' I might attract a bigger audience, but it is what it is and I don't know if I'm willing to compromise.


I've been feeling very spread out lately. I've been working too much and too hard and probably need a vacation, but sometimes the preparation for a vacation makes it seem more stressful than the actual vacation is worth. I would spend an entire week, stressing and fretting about getting everything done so that I can be out of the office. Then for the first few days of the vacation, I'd be so wound up from trying to make the vacation happen that I'd be worthless. Then I might have two days of peace and then start worrying about having to go to work again and suddenly the vacation would be over and I'm buried under everything that I have to catch up on from being gone.

Perhaps a few impromptu sick days are in order.


3/30/05 10:14 am

Memo regarding my participation in "Wear a tie to work day""

I'm not participating in it today. I just can't do it. I just am not cut out to wear a tie, or to tuck my shirt in. I felt like I was dying. Literally, I was on the verge of death.

I apologize.


3/30/05 09:16 am - Wednesday is tie day

Since the newspaper I work regularly dictates that Friday is Hawaiian shirt day (a day made altogther too humiliating since the movie Office Space,) we outcast, anarchistic lot in news, who really don't have a strict dress code (other than don't show up for work in something you might work on your car engine or mow your lawn on a hot day in) have decided to show our resistance by having formal Wednesday. We call it "wear a tie to work day."

Now I know there are people who have to wear a tie every day. You probably think nothing of this, but for someone who rarely, well, never, wears a tie, it's a big deal. (I start to feel like I'm suffocating if I have to tuck in my shirttail.)

For the most part it prompts people to ask if we had a job interview somewhere else today. Which is good. It keeps them wondering.

So now. I am wearing a tie which is choking me. Thank you very much


The wonderful Enthusiastess clued me into a great resource for artists, and as I was reading it, I started thinking any person involved in any type of art might gain some information from it. It's primarily for illustration, but so worth taking a look at.

The Artsy Fartsy Weblog


3/29/05 08:35 am

Lots of things going on, but I just don't know if I feel like typing everything.

I've gotten some new emails from people recently who are interested in my art. Word seems to be spreading, I haven't done much in the way of promoting myself lately and probably should. I'm just hesitant to spread myself too thin. I have a number of things that are in limbo, just waiting to print, including a feature artist spread in Cthulhu Sex Magazine and a few book covers, and some other odds and ends that I'm not remembering right now.

I just finished two new illustrations and put them up on my website. To make it easier, you can see them here Among the Fallen and Mourning Autumn. Both were entirely spontaneous and I had no fore thought when I started them. They just started as a collection of things that I liked and ended up...well, together, somehow.

My wife and I just watched Finding Neverland this weekend and, as always, Johnny Depp, was brilliant. I don't know of anything that he isn't involved in that doesn't have merit. The boys cast in the film were amazing as well. In the words of my friend Matt, "I wonder how they got that little boy to be so, crying and cute."

I'm tired this morning due to another, restless, strange sleep last night in which I had a dream where, at one point, I was walking around dressed in men's renaissance period clothing for some reason. I can't remember why or what the events surrounding the dream were, but I remember being annoyed by the lacey frills on my sleeves which kept getting in the way of everything I tried to do.

3/24/05 05:11 pm

I spent about an hour or two rebuilding my website last night, before I realized that my eyes were stinging so badly that I couldn't keep them open. I suppose 11-12 hours a day at a computer can do that to you. I sat down this morning with the intention of working on it some more.

I opened up all the applications that I'd need. Opened a few files. Sighed. Stared at the monitor for about 5 minutes. Sighed again, and promptly quit all the applications. (Save changes? No. I hadn't made any changes. Stupid computer) Then I got up and walked away.

I'm reading Dan Brown's Angels and Demons on loan from a friend. I thought I'd see what all the hype was about The Da Vinci Code without actually reading that particular book. I'm enjoying Angels and Demons immensely and think I'd probably like his The Da Vinci Code. But, probably won't read it, because I have other things I want to read instead.

There's a fascinating article on The New Scientist website called 13 things that do not make sense. Some of it flew over my head, but I found the majority of it intriguing.


My good friend Matt, aka Mr. Gribber has a link to this, rather disconcerting story on his blog. Diner finds finger in bowl of chili. I just can't quite invision the sequence of events leading up to this particular mishap. The entire scenario just baffles me.


3/23/05 01:25 pm

Woke up this morning, tired as usual, maybe a bit more than usual due to the fact that I went out with The Gribber after work to a bar downtown where we drained a couple pitchers.

Things were going pretty smooth. Got dressed, felt a funny sensation in my nose and without thinking, wiped it with the cuff of my sleeve which came away with a bright red smear indicating that the funny sensation was really my nose bleeding.

Morning Shirt change #1

I loaded up the boys and dropped Connor off at school and took Murphy to the toy store. He'd gotten $50 in the mail from the grandparents to spend as he wanted on toys and was going nuts, telling me over and over that he was going to get a big, big, big toy. The entire time we were in the store he was kind of spacey, and quiet. Definetely not his usual self, which is hyper alert and loud. Afterward, as I'm getting ready to put him in his car seat, he suddenly vomits all over the both of us. Either he's sick or he'd drank too much juice and ate too little food at breakfast. I'm hoping for the latter. A woman who was parked next to me offered to help, but I had things easily handled, stash of napkins in the glove compartment and oddly enough I had a spare shirt for Murphy in a backpack in the back of my 4 runner . I've heard of similar situations turning into regular fiascos, but I've been puked on, bled on, you name it, I've been that on. Not much really phases me any more.

I stripped off my puke covered coat and sweater and worked my way, freezing, back home in only a t-shirt, thus bringing us to...

Morning Shirt change #2

All this before 9:30 a.m. What a way to start the day.


This was on Steven Wedel's blog. I did pretty well, I think.

Official Survivor
Congratulations! You scored 78%!
Whether through ferocity or quickness, you made it out. You made the right choice most of the time, but you probably screwed up somewhere. Nobody's perfect, at least you're alive.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
You scored higher than 94% on survivalpoints
Link: The Zombie Scenario Survivor Test written by ci8db4uok on Ok Cupid

3/21/05 08:50 pm

For about two weeks now I've been listening to a band called Isis.

(No not the reggae-funk band and not the all gay woman band. Nothing against those bands, they just aren't the band I'm talking about.)

I can't stop listening to their newest album "Panopticon." A friend of mine who had seen them accidently while they were on tour turned me on to them and they just blew him away. I think seeing them live would be incredible.

I have personally never heard anything like these guys and in scratching for a way to describe the band I ran across this review which probably is better than I would have written.

"The quite rude beginning and the actually ambush-like heaviness of the opener make way for a perfectly showcased hell ride through fantastic soundscapes, and the overwhelming feeling of these five exceptional musicians for progressive and yet moving as well as catchy melodies is simply unbelievable...ultra-heavy guitar walls reign, viscous as lava, hard as Krupp’s steel, boneshaking howling complete with wonderfully showcased and implanted clear vocals, powerful as well as hypnotizing drumming and deeply rumbling basses. From blazing fits of rage to minimalistic and heavily menacing sound puzzlings everything is present. At that, the connections of the single tracks are surprising and make it hard for you to only mention one single song as a check out tip and thus choose it over the other highlights matching it. Principally, “Panopticon” has to be enjoyed as a whole to be able to comprehend the greatness and elevation of this milestone in its whole."

There are some samples of some of their songs here

J.C. If you haven't heard of this band. You must hear them. I think you would really like them.

3/20/05 06:14 pm

Well. Yes. I haven't updated in a long time.

Why? Well, there's just a lot of complicated scenarios going on right now in the world of me and to write about one would entrench me into writing about another...and another and so on.

So, I chose to not write about any of them. Many things were complicated and personal and, well, complicated and quite personal.

If you must know, things are still a bit mucky but seem to be getting a little better.

I've updated my website with a number of new illustrations which may or may not be new to you, depending on whether you've seen them before...or not. For those that have never seen it, my art site can be found at kirkalberts.com

I'm going to be revamping it as I get time to include some of the book covers that I've done and some other odds and ends. I've been putting it off, because website design makes my head hurt.

Since, I feel like I'm ready to start journalling again, I think I will leave it at that for now. Also because I need to go chase my two-year old down, who turned three today, and get him ready for bed.

Everyone wish Murphy a happy birthday and I'll pass it along to him (wink)

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